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Canadian musician Hillary Sametz's varied career as both a pianist and a violist has led to many exciting opportunities, including in the backup orchestra for TwoCellos; as a member of the string quartet-in-residence at the Centre for Opera in Sulmona, Italy; a concert tour across Palestine and Israel while on faculty at the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music in Ramallah, Palestine; performing at the Jewish Voice for Peace National Membership Meeting; premiering works through Kansas City’s Black House Collective and The Charlotte Street Foundation; and most recently performing with NewEar. Hillary is currently working as a music therapist at KVC Children’s Psychiatric Hospital. Hillary strongly believes that music should provide a joyful and fun experience for all, and that access to music should not limited by socio-economic status.  As such she has volunteered music therapy services with young offenders at Jackson County Juvenile Detention Center. A certified yoga teacher, Hillary teaches at Swinney Recreation Center and believes in a strong relationship between body and mind. In her spare time, Hillary enjoys reading, arranging and making music with FourScore, dancing, hiking, and spending time with her beloved dog, Dexter.

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